Instructions - 3rd version, being reviewed. 
                *Please read disclaimer below* 

        After logging in:  You must enter your call sign in system to login (Note a system Admin has passwords - Steve 
                there are special permissions for picking winners, and adding logins for users.

        Taking tickets at events: (application works well on phones)
        Select [BUY TICKETS] to start registering HAMS walking in.  It takes only seconds per HAM.

        If ticket buying is required for entrance. It's helpful if you inkpad stamp their hand, But you can always lookup a call sign to validate purchases if needing to.
            HOW TO  Buy Tickets for a HAM:  
                1. Enter a call sign if a ham, if valid , you get his info - else enter  email address , worse case enter Cell#.
                Amount need to be in 5$ incriments. Free tickets calculated.
                If you adjust an amount after hitting calculate, just recalculate. 
                But when saving - If you dont hit re-calulate it will auto calculate and show you recorded total paid.
               *  5$ = 1 Ticket,  10$  = 3 Tickets + 1 free, 20$ = 7 Tickets + 3 free  , ** Paid Tickets draw for Grand prize and Hourly, Free draws for Hourly Prize only.


                2. if a valid HAM call sign, contact info and email address will be 
                automatically found and entered for you. If email is missing, - it's required, so ask for it. 
                Worse case get cell # and put in the email field. (or put your own email address in)
                3. First, Last name and Email are required,
                Tell them we need to contact them for Prizes, Grand Prize, if they are not in the Room. 
                First and last name field can't be changed, all other fields like email and cell# can be changed and stored for futher use.
                4. if they don't have a valid call sign (check spelling) or Expired you can still add them or if Non-Ham allowed see below.
                5. Next just check [Calculate] then [Save] to complete registration.
                6. The [Calculate] button adds up what they owe 
                If they come back to you to buy extra tickets   - it will know they paid for other tickets.
                the Ham can check his ticketes on-line your web /mytickets:
                if you tell someone their Hamfest ID# or email as password then they can see their ticket list and if the won.
                Each HAM has a PIN ID# which shows when they buy tickets and in email sent to them. 

                give outout web site:
                7. System calulats free tickets.
                Each ticket type gets a ticket# and is available for drawings.
                Hourly and  Grand Prize.  Cannot be drawn a ticket# twice for same type of drawing. They are in sepatate pools.
                So an hourly winner can win a Grand Prize.
                You can email attendees ticket#s,  or show them all ticket number they purchased on screen list.

            Not used for some Hamfests:
                Register Non-Hams or Hams with invalid callsign:
                1. Enter email address or Phone number in [lookup] this will use what's entered
                to identify the walk-in. Instead of call sign.
                Email is required - but (or put your own email address in) can be used if they are insistent.
                2. They can buy extra tickets at any time using what they used for identity, email or cell#, 
                Previously paid admission ticket showed when looking up a person again.

            Finally, new ticket #s are shown on the screen after you click [Save]
                To see all tickets a person bought - Click [My Tics] at bottom of the screen.
                Tickets #s can be emailed to Hams if requested - use [Email] button.
                At bottom of the screen is an [Admin login] button to go to main menu to draw prizes and reports.
                In Main menu, you can see all tickets, ticket types recorded, and Hams contact info.

            ADMIN MENU links:
                TICKET LIST AND DRAWING:
                Please test and check out how it work - read the instructions.
                You can pick winners to test, only counts when you check off "Won" or Won Grand
                In notes write what the won, and if picked up PRISE if you want.
                [Grand Prize] only selects from it's ticket pool. (Even Ham ID the won an hourly prize)
                [Pick Hourly] picks from all tickets not picked previously.

            HAM & ATTENDEE list:  has everyones contact updated info if needed to change.

            DB (Database) User login & Permissions: Add, Edit users, passwords, permissions.
                Note: everyone with login can sell tickets. Only "picker" can pick winners.
                Only "Admin" can add / edit users and permissions.

                Money taken in by ticket taker totals.  Complimentary free tickets and Paypal noted.
                Winner's list and what prizes they picked up.

                In main menu seen only by "Admins"
                There is a User logon list - users checked off as [Admin] can add users. Give out simple passwords.
                All users in the list can take in tickets. If checked off [Picker], they can also select/pick winners prizes.

                You get a list to market to, email for next time. Vendors too. You get totals.
                Calculates ticket totals and free tickets made automatically (as required).
                We have winner's list and good contact info. Tickets picked randomly easily.
                No need to print tickets and user filling in by hand.
                PayPal info easily viewed.
                You can walk around and sell tickets on your phone, They are automatically entered for drawing.

                you can buy tickets using PayPal, with any credit card or bank.
                The ticket#s will be shown on screen and emailed to the Ham.
                Tickets are posted on-line database and PayPal id# for your auditing.

                Every effort was made to make this program useful and error free. It's your responsibility to
                test fully before using. There is no warrenty as to use or liabilty for misuse or errors or omissions.
            Limitation of Liability: Under no circumstances shall company or its affiliates, partners, suppliers or licensors be liable for any indirect, incidental,
                consequential, special or exemplary damages arising out of or in connection with your access or use of or inability to access or use the application
                and any third  party content and services, whether or not the damages were foreseeable and whether or not company was advised of the possibility of such damages.
                Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Company's aggregate liability to you (whether under contract, tort
                , statute or otherwise) shall not exceed the amount of fifty(50) dollars.  
                The foregoing limitations will apply even if the above stated remedy fails of its essential purpose.


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